How IRS Forms Can Save You Money

We have the IRS forms you need- go directly to the page you need and the IRS website has every form available in PDF format for you to fill out and download right from your home or office.  We also have easy to understand instructions on each IRS form, written in plain English for everyone to understand.  Why? Because we believe in self-sufficiency and strength through knowledge.  The more you understand about IRS forms, the more control you have over your life, your work, or your business.

So whether you’re looking for this year’s version of the W4 form, or you want to look at the 1040, this is a great place to begin.  We’ll never try to make you download something…we only send you to the original IRS form located on the IRS website, the safest and best place to get all IRS Forms.

Learn About IRS Forms to Save Money

Did you know that a vast majority of American taxpayers who pay to have their taxes filed for them are wasting their money?  Commercial tax prep offices charge money for simple filings…the more IRS Forms you file, the more you pay.  And it’s all available online for free!  That’s right, online tax preparation services likeTurboTax and TaxAct have free versions of their tax software.  You can do you own tax return online for free, and e-file for free too.  Why waste time standing in line at a tax prep office so someone else can type in a few numbers on the very same type of tax prep software?

Not only that, but did you know that when you pay a national brand storefront tax company to prepare you taxes for you, the person you meet with probably doesn’t know much more about income taxes than you do?  Sure, there’s an accountant or tax expert somewhere behind the scenes, but for every tax professional in that office, there are at least 20 data entry clerks with minimal training on income tax preparation.  And you’re paying them to do something that you could do yourself from the comfort of your own home for free!

We’re all about learning and knowledge = power.  We also realize taxes are boring and/or stressful.  That’s why we’ve taken the most common IRS Forms and explained them in friendly language so you can feel confident in filing forms with the IRS all by yourself.  Need to submit a new W4 to your employer?  Not sure how to fill it out?  Let us help you.  Your employer isn’t technically supposed to advise you on tax forms, did you know that?  That’s why you won’t get much help from HR in that department.  Let us fill the knowledge gap…everyone wins:  you learn valuable information you’ll use the rest of your life, and we feel good because we made the world a better place!